• boocoo private music instuction lessons

    Private Instruction

    We offer private music instruction for all levels, all ages and all genres. Our instructors are working musicians who utilize their exceptional teaching skills to make learning an instrument an extraordinary and fun experience. Choose from drums, piano, guitar, electric bass, voice, trombone, trumpet and more. Lessons are half hour, full hour or 45 minutes in duration and on a weekly basis.

  • boocoo band ensemble classes

    Band Ensembles

    The music ensemble classes give students the opportunity to play and hear their specific instrument in the context of other instruments. Learning to play music is only part of the process. To gain the understanding of the essential role of each member of a band, the ensemble classes offer students a chance to create, play, practice and perform as a group. We will either match you with one of our bands, or you can create your own band with friends and jam under the guidance of one of our ensemble instructors. Check out some of the ensemble classes that Boocoo offers: Classic Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues, Jazz and Beatles.

  • boocoo production classes

    Production Classes

    In our music production classes students will learn the skills necessary to start recording and producing their own music. Students can choose from four different areas of study:

    -Introduction to Audio Engineering and Home Studios: Students learn the basics of audio engineering. We cover topics like properties of sound, microphones, mixing consoles, computer based recording and setting up a home studio.

    -Introduction to Protools: This class builds on “Introduction to Audio Engineering” and takes the skills learned to the next level with a more in depth look at computer based recording using the world's most used recording software “Protools”. Students will learn the basics of importing, editing and mixing audio within in this program.

    -Introduction to Music Production: Here students get to build beats and learn how to build a song from the ground up using sequencing software such as Fruity Loops or Reason. Students will also learn how to sample loops, create their own drum sounds and add instruments such as strings or piano to their tracks.

    -DJ and Turntable-ism: Work with our in-house DJ to learn the art of spinning. Students will learn their way around turntables and mixers while spinning records on Boocoo’s PA system.